Tree Report Old Oak

Tree Report Old Oak - Hazardous Tree

We were asked by a client to provide a Tree Report and Arborist Report for a grand old Oak in one of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

As can be seen circled in red in the image below, this old Oak the Tree Report was required for was huge and dominated the whole back garden area of the property which had an older weather board home to the front.

Tree Report Croydon.jpg

In the Tree Report submitted to the local council we initially said:

“This large old Oak has a structural defect running through the centre of its trunk from the main fork structure approximately 1.2 to 2 metres above ground down both its western and eastern sides and therefore the concern is this tree may split through its centre. It also has another crack on it north eastern side.”

The three images below circled in red show where we thought the tree had faults which may cause it to fail. Click to view.

The image following shows circled in green to the left some bulging or “reaction wood” which is wood as the tree grows it is “laying down” or adding in an attempt to strengthen itself because it knows it has a weakness to this area. Circled in red at the top is what could be a crack and below it some damage to the tree that in my view suggested this tree was full of decay at its base.

The tree had a huge spreading canopy and of course during storms or periods of high wind given what I saw as problems with the tree’s structure unfortunately I had to suggest it should be removed as it was hazardous.

After our client submitted an application to the local council to remove the tree with our Tree Report or Arborist Report clearly stating the reasons why; part of the councils response was:

“The White Oak Quercus lobata is a healthy canopy tree that adds significantly to the amenity of the area.”

“The Quercus lobata is a unique specimen tree of exceptional size, age and health.”

My client and I were both astounded and bewildered; so where to from here?

The council was incorrect and really all we had to do was show them that. When we did they changed their position very quickly.

The next Tree Case is a continuation of this one called Dangerous Old Tree where I have to prove to the council my diagnosis being this tree was full of decay,  hazardous and a Dangerous Tree was correct …. read on ….